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The LCJ Group
"The LCJ staff are very professional. They have always made me feel like a worthwhile employee and therefore I would recommend any teacher looking for daily, short term and long term assignments in London to contact them. If you need a good honest agency that doesn’t rip you off or treat you as a number, then join LCJ and you will not be disappointed."
The LCJ Group
"The registration process was quick and effortless.  Ben has been very communicative and speedy at getting me solid employment that suited my skills."
The LCJ Group
"I have got to know the staff at LCJ very well. They are always helpful and I have never been let down... In a busy school like ours, we have to be able to deal with agencies that can be relied on and able to supply us with teaching staff at very short notice. LCJ have always been able to do this. I would strongly recommend any Cover Manager in any school to use LCJ Education."
The LCJ Group
"LCJ are excellent."
The LCJ Group
"I joined LCJ Education just over a year ago and immediately I was given a long term position which I have just finished. The school was a wonderful place to work and the online time sheets really worked. LCJ have always been friendly the times I have spoken to them and I have been offered work in-between the days I wasn't working. LCJ really listened to my requirements and offered me work to suit my needs."
The LCJ Group
"Excellent agency and fantastic team!!! They go out of their way to help me. Thank you LCJ Education."
The LCJ Group
"I think I have been quite lucky as I received work within 3 weeks after signing up with LCJ, so far everything has gone well."
The LCJ Group
"My first school placement was a good one and I am very grateful to the team at LCJ Education."
The LCJ Group
"I have worked with Maura for years now. She is outstanding in every respect, has never let me down, is always reliable and dependable. She can come through at very short notice with a booking and I can call on her whenever needed."
The LCJ Group
"I must say that I was impressed with Maura's professional approach. I found that LCJ Education handled my business with the utmost efficiency. Although I did not end up with a job, I felt that I had been treated with integrity and concern."
The LCJ Group
"I am happy with the service. I am informed of any changes and my queries are responded to quickly."
The LCJ Group
"I have been with LCJ for 2 years and I have had a positive experience with them from the point of registering up until now.

I have accepted short to medium term contracts as well as day to day, all of which have been reasonably close and easy to get to. Generally, they have more short to medium roles available in my experience.

In terms of professionalism, I have been impressed due to honesty and understanding, which to me is key.

The rate of pay is up to expectation so very reasonable.

Overall, I’ve been happy with LCJ as they’ve accommodated me for my personal schedule."
The LCJ Group
"I had registered with several agencies and found some work. Then I was recommended by a London school that a really good agency to register with was called LCJ Education. From the moment I made the call, I was greeted by a professional on the other end of the phone line, who asked me relevant questions and discussed some of the work that they had available. I was then invited in to register with them.

The registration process was simple but covered all the usual stuff such as references and QTS, etc.

Within two weeks I had been cleared by LCJ and was also offered daily supply at schools under 30 minutes commute from my London home.

I have now accepted a long term role 15 minutes walk from my home at a great school so great that it could not be a better fit for my experience and needs. I rate LCJ 10 out of 10 for their registration process and 10 out of 10 for offering me work that fit with what I asked of them."
The LCJ Group
" I haven’t been with the agency for long, however, I am very glad I joined."
The LCJ Group
"As a South African abroad since 2001, I have done supply work for a number of different supply teaching agencies. Honestly, I mostly always felt like I was 'just a number' to them. Working with Maura and Ashley atPPA/LCJ Education was the first time I felt like an agency actually cared about me and knew who I was. I was greeted by name when I called in and felt I was listened to. This made me more and more open to doing the odd day of work outside my usual subject area or comfort zone.

When it came to my brother seeking work in the UK, I naturally suggested he speak to Maura for advice. She spent an hour on the phone with my brother giving advice on his CV, his overseas experience and how to approach schools. Best experience I have ever had with teacher supply agencies and probably the one who invested most in helping overseas teachers.  I would strongly recommend Maura and her team to teachers without hesitation. Though I'm no longer in teaching, I have huge respect for what Maura does and I count her as a quintessential professional!"
The LCJ Group
"LCJ has been outstanding in its approach to supporting Sir Charles Kao UTC in Harlow through sourcing of full-time staff and colleagues on a day-to-day or short-term supply contract. The team have always worked hard to meet our needs and to source the highest calibre candidates.

The highly structured environment within LCJ ensures that confirmation of hours delivered by their team of supply teachers are always rigorously checked prior to the issue of invoices and this allows us to make payment in an effective and timely way.  The candidates that are sourced for us have all gone through the appropriate safeguarding and vetting processes and these are always sent to us in advance of arrival.

Maura's role as their Operations Manager has been vital to this. The personal level of service and hard work that Maura has brought in building a strong relationship with us here is second-to-none. I can recommend LCJ Education and Maura's leadership and management skills without reservation."
The LCJ Group
"I confirm that I have dealt with PPA Education (now LCJ Education) since December 2014, during which time they have provided my school with excellent support in the areas fo staffing, both long-term and short-term contracts ranging from senior leadership, lead teachers and learning support.

As a specialist service, Maura and her team have enabled me to grow a staff team of professionals through their expert analysis of available talent through local and national search engines.

Their work has been a major factor in our school success, helping it to become one of the most rapidly improved schools across the UK. As our provision moved to academy status from December 1st, 2015, Maura's team played a lead role in recruiting the very best staff to key roles across the leadership and teaching structure to secure good and better teaching in all four Trust Schools.

I can confidently recommend LCJ as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

I can also confirm that Maura is a professional of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to LCJ and the quality of their service, and is entirely moral with regards judgements made prior to proposing a candidate of suitability to work at one of our schools.

Furthermore, she understands the complexities and importance of school budgets for whole school staffing and has offered insightful opportunities to ensure value for money. This is something any future school should discuss with LCJ and avail of with regards a staffing budget."
The LCJ Group
I found LCJ to be very helpful and professional. They not only placed me into a good job but also helped with routes I could use to get to the job and met me there on my first day to help show me where to go and who to see. Now after working with them for 5 weeks they have kept in regular contact and kept me up to date with any news.
The LCJ Group
After being let down by other agencies I gave LCJ a call and found them to be very efficient and professional. They managed to fill the job quickly, to our specification and went beyond our expectations. Would high recommend.
The LCJ Group
I met with Connor and Taylor and was very pleased with their professional manner and handling. It was refreshing to meet with someone who has worked on sites before as it made it a lot easier for me to relay to them information on what I needed.

I have since hired workers from Connor at THE LCJ Group and looking forward to working with him in moving forward.
The LCJ Group
Dear Mrs Armstrong,

I, on behalf of the entire staff of SBC School and the Directors of The Harbour Schools Group, am writing to you to thank you for being our recruitment partner. Our decision to collaborate has been very positive for our most recent venture and i am confident the same standards of professionalism will be presented when supporting us with recruitment of future schools. We are pleased to have a partner as you and, hence, we acknowledge the strategies devised by your efficient staff for our projects. I can confirm that in all three sectors of recruitment you supported us with we have received quality staff with excellent skills and competencies.

The education team at SBC School is currently judged Ofsted Good and making steady progress towards consistent outstanding practice. As an organisation committed to humanistic, therapeutic values to deliver substantial and sustained educational outcomes for all our learners, we are delighted LCJ staff were able to identify with and apply our principles to sift through and find excellent candidates who clearly demonstrate team without ego and judgement of others. This is so important in our sector of education and we thank you for this.

The support team at SBC School are also highly humanistic whilst also highly skilled and totally loyal.

As a growing organization the feedback from our construction  teams who you have also help recruit key personnel such as trade specific tradesmen and general labourers has also been of a high quality and i am happy to report all project works are on time for completion, which is absolutely essential for delivering our curriculum and achieving outcomes set against KPIs.

Your organization has always been very professional and has delivered its services timely across the board. My staff are equally delighted with your solution focused approach and services given to them such as supporting with HR systems including DBS. Among our projects, the level of additional support and professionalism as part of the recruitment cycle your team offers has been recognised by Ofsted and I am happy to report safer recruitment at the Harbour Schools Group is of the highest quality and LCJ must be recognised for early guidance and continuous support of our robust  systems to safeguard our schools. We hope that as we acknowledge your association with us, even you are agreeable and contented with our collaboration with you.

I have observed that our formal  business partnership has now entered its fourth year and partnered successfully into the second year with the Harbour Schools Group and SBC SChool. We have benefited considerably from your involvement thus far. We believe that our union shall continue to be fruitful for both the organizations.

We, once again, thank you for your excellent partnership.

The LCJ Group

In 2012 I left my last permanent job as a SENCO in a Hackney school and decided to try my hand at supply teaching.

Supply teaching seemed the obvious choice while I decided what I wanted to do next in my professional life. But, I did have my reservations.

Thankfully, an old friend and colleague recommended I get in touch with Maura.

This was one of the best introductions I could have asked for. While I was on the books for a couple of supply agencies, it was Maura who spoke to me on a daily basis and kept delivering the goods.

She listened to my preferences and got me a number of great supply posts. When I wanted to do daily supply - she delivered. When I wanted to work consistently in a local school - she delivered.

Not only that, over the years, even after moving away from teaching completely, Maura has remained a good friend.

If you are considering trying your hand at supply teaching, or alternatively you want to find a teaching post through an agency that delivers, then I highly recommend you get in touch with Maura and her team at LCJ . They are the real deal and you won't regret it.