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About us

The LCJ Tutor Hub is based in South Croydon at a small Independent school.
Here you can expect the highest standards of safeguarding, a welcoming and inviting learning environment for your son/daughter.

“Our methods yield strong examination results”

Mission Aim

To provide exceptional tuition within a happy and safe school environment at a faction of the standard costs.


Lessons are led by experienced, fully qualified tutors who have had enhanced continuous professional development (CPD) to deliver laser sharp, cutting edge revision and reinforcement lessons that result in improved self-development and examination outcomes.


We specialise in focused group learning as well as 1-1 sessions. We believe that effective revision in small interactive groups consisting of up to 5 pupils max promotes positive peer interaction. Studies also show that small –group tutoring is particularly effective for confidence boosting, problem solving skills and targeted skill-building.