Here at LCJ, we understand that no two learning environments are the same.

We do not have a typical teaching agency ‘way’ of working, we have an adaptable environment of open communication and we actively encourage a freewheeling exchange of ideas.

As long as we are demonstrating, a commitment to safeguarding that goes beyond the minimum standards expected then we do not mind how we work with a learning environment. There are, of course, legal terms that we have to adhere to in order to comply with the law – these are detailed below.

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With twenty-two years of experience, Maura knows a thing or two about Recruitment. She began her career when her youngest child, of three, was ready to begin primary school.

She started out on the bottom rung of Social Care Recruitment. Knowing the importance of good social care staffing, from her first-hand experiences of the care given to her elderly parents, she was fired up and determined to do a great job.

At the very outset of her career, she knew that matching the right person to the right job was what she wanted to do. This has been integral to Maura’s journey ever since.

Maura worked in the Social Care arena for ten years, starting out as a Consultant and working up to Senior Management level, before she decided to have a change of scene and transfer to Education Recruitment. It seemed the right thing to do given her vast experience assisting students with SEN her local school.

This move meant starting right at the beginning all over again. But, with her ten years of experience in recruitment behind her, she quickly progressed up the ladder until eventually, at PPA Education, she was made Director.

After many years as an employee, she felt that she had given everything she could but knew there was still something more. When she became Director, her vision and ideas for the company were watered down and tweaked by other Management Colleagues so that eventually she decided there was only one more choice to make.

This final position was enough to show Maura that she was ready to take the biggest leap of her career. In 2016, Maura decided to buy the company that she had been working hard in. Without a doubt, it was one of the scariest career decisions she has ever had to make.

However, Maura retained a quiet confidence, knowing that she and her team had already established great relations with the schools, colleges and the recruitment staff they worked with. Over the years, they had become a well-trusted and knowledgeable resource for their clients who could always rely on their assistance and professionalism.

In 2017, LCJ Group was born.

Maura is very grateful that her new recruitment company has had such a smooth start-up and is already a thriving business. She knows this is because of all the people that have been involved.

Recruitment at heart is about people and making connections and this is one of Maura’s strengths.