We welcome applicants from any country as long as you have (or can obtain) a working visa and a UK-acceptable teaching qualification.

Overseas Candidate

We use two main umbrella companies that fully support overseas applicants. HMRC accept that your main residence has changed and the cost of relocating yourself, your spouse and/or your dependants are allowable expenses. This includes cost of flights, VISA and temporary accommodation in England. Our umbrella companies we use ISS require the original receipts in order to process each of these expenses. If it can be shown that that the change of residence to England is linked to your employment, relocation expenses to the maximum value of £8,000 are allowable. You can begin claiming relocation related expenditure from the date of your arrival in England until the end of the second tax year after your commencement with ISS. Please not that you will be disqualified from receiving relocation benefits if you work for any other employer. Additionally, you can also claim for weekly travel to and from your temporary place of work as well as a daily subsistence allowance. No tax is due on any of the above expenses which means you will take home a higher net pay.

For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7421 4999


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